Let's bring nature indoors!

We all know that being outside in nature is good for us. Benefits of being with nature include improved attention, less stress, improved mood and is said to improve cooperation and empathy. This doesn't even include getting fresh air or vitamin D from being in the sun. Just simply taking a walk in a green space gives us all of these benefits, but what about when we are not able to get outside.

Did you know that just looking at pictures of nature can lower stress, anxiety and even improve depression?

Researchers from Vrije University Medical Centre in the Netherlands did an experiment with 46 participants to determine how looking at nature images help make people feel more settled. The participants were fitted with monitors that functioned at normal and stressful levels. After being put through various scenarios they would view a series of images. There were two set of images one showing urban environments void of nature and the other had images of urban environments with greenery among the buildings. When the participants viewed images with greenery their stress levels lowered. The outcome showed that prints of nature helped improve relaxation when one is stressed and getting outdoors isn't possible.

If your office is drab and you are trapped indoors with no view of nature, bringing in nature prints is the next best thing. The calming effects of nature can be experienced with images (this isn't meant as a replacement for going outside). You should find prints that make you feel something and you are able to connect with in some way. When we can connect with nature we are happier, more productive and relaxed. Being able to take a break during stressful times and stare at a nature print allows us to whisk ourselves away just briefly and without having to go somewhere.

Nature prints are not just good for offices; they are great to have in our homes too! Nature prints in the home will bring about the same relaxation properties in our home as they would in our office. For me at least, having prints that include nature help it feel like a home. The prints bring in our personality, places we connect with, and just brings the space alive.

A recent client that had just moved into a new home said he was starring at blank walls and it made every room just feel empty. He had me create a custom piece for him that was 30" x 40" of the blue ridge mountains in black and white. I wasn't sure how this was going to work at first. Personally, I love the blue tones in the Blue Ridge and want to see them. After, going through several images of color prints he found the perfect one to switch to black and white. I have to say I fell in love with it! By switching it to black and white it gave it the feeling of being hand drawn rather than a photograph. He loved it too! This brought nature into his home and made his house feel like a home. What to see what his print looked like? See the photo attached below!

How to do feel about your office or home? Do you need to bring some life inside with nature prints? Head over to my shop to see what is currently available or contact me about a custom piece!

Black and white mountain print hanging on the wall in a person's home.