Top four gift ideas for the lover of nature

If you have trouble deciding what to get the people on your gift list, I have some ideas that might just help! In this post I am gearing it toward the lover of nature and landscapes with the avid hiker in mind.

For the folks in your life that love the outdoors and are always hitting the trails here are my top four ideas to get you started.

  1. For the avid hiker consider purchasing them a piece of gear they can use. Examples are backpack, hiking poles, water bottles that are light weight, water filtration system for hiking. (Ask for a wish list so you make sure you get what they prefer. Hikers can be picky.)
  2. If your hiker has been to all the main spots where they live consider taking or sending them of a guided excursion. These can get costly, so maybe consider going in with other friends and family on this one.
  3. For the nature and landscape lover get them a print that represents their favorite location. You would not only be giving a print but capturing a place that has meaning and fond memories. Not sure where that is ask where there favorite place has been and get them to tell you stories about the experience they had. They will never suspect your are fishing for gift ideas! Go here to see what I offer.
  4. Not sure what to get, but want it to be something they would use or enjoy having? Give them a gift certificate to their favorite outdoors store, excursion company, landscape photographer, or campground. I know some don't like the idea of gift certificates, but when what they need or want has a higher price tag a gift certificate helps them out and there is always the point that they get what they want and don't have to return what you purchased.

I know there are tons more ideas out there for the avid hiker or nature lover. Stay tuned for more ideas!