Henry River Mill Village

Welcome to a place where time has stood still. This series was created to share the story of Henry River Mill Village. This is an abandoned mill village that still has many of the homes, the dam and store still standing. Each building gives us a glimpse of what it was like to live in the early 1900's. I hope you enjoy this journey down "History Lane".

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A lone chair sit waiting for the owner to come home in an abandoned house.
As the weeds grow taller the home fades further away and into the past
Lone home fading  and breaking down, still stands firm.
Standing strong on the hill top the boarding house now empty holds firmly to the memories.
Old mill store sits empty waiting for the the bustle of people shopping to return.
A cabinet once full of house hold items now only hold stories and memories.
Neighbors all aligned in a row working together for the good of the community
Empty home and the bare back porch beckon to those that pass by to stop and visit a spell.
Time has taken its toll on the home, but its resilience is strong.
The stairs covered in weeds lead way to a home that waits for its owners to return.