Put an end to the frustration!

Did you just purchase a new home or are you just ready to redecorate? Either one leaves you with the same decisions to make. What type of artwork am I going to put on my walls and what size do I need to buy? These decisions can leave you in paralysis and getting nothing done, which frustrates you that much more.

First task is to select the the artwork that reflects your personality and fits your décor. In many ways this is the easy part, after all you know what catches your eye and makes you feel like you are at home. The second task is determining what size you need for the desired space. Now, is when it really gets frustrating.

You stare at the blank way imagining what the perfect piece of artwork will be like and how it makes you feel and you just smile; until.... Until the time comes to pick the needed size. You can guess what size you need and just buy it hoping it works. You can use painters tape and outline the space for the print, measure it and then buy the closest size to what you measured. Or lastly, you can do it the old fashioned way and measure the space and do a little bit of math. I'm going to talk about the good old fashion method today and give you some tips on how to pick the right size artwork before you buy.

In general you want to have the width of the piece of art to be 57 - 75 percent of the furniture's total width. Also, it should be at least 6 - 12 inches above a piece of furniture. If you are looking at a blank wall use the same principle of 57- 75% of the width of the wall. If the wall is very large using a single piece of artwork may not be the answer. This is when you would want to consider creating a gallery wall or some other means to take up the empty space. I am not an interior decorator and if you are truly at a loss consider working with true interior designer for the best outcome.

Here are some examples and tips to help you get going.

If you are hanging art over a fire place you will want it at least 6 -12 inches above the mantle and the same width as that of the fireplace (See picture below).

For hanging above your bed, once again place the art at least 6-12 inches from the top of the headboard. The width of beds are pretty standard so for a twin bed art would be between 22-30" wide, full art work would be between 30-41" wide, queen bed art would be between 34 - 45" wide and for a king bed art work would be between 43-57" wide.

When you hanging above a sofa measure the width of the sofa and multiply by .57 and .75 to get the size range that would work best. For example if the sofa width is 84" the range would be 47" - 63".

In the cases when you want to use multiple pieces rather than a single piece of art the same principles apply. Using the same scenario of he 84" sofa and the art width range of 47-63 " the pieces of art would need to be within that same range with 2-4 inches between each piece. If you are wanting to use 2 pieces of art and have 4 inches between them each piece would be between 21.5 and 29.5 inches wide.

I hope this helps remove some of the frustration in determining what size artwork you should purchase. If you still would like a bit of help contact me at michelle@daltonharrisphotography.com and let me guide you!

Check out the guide below to see more and examples!!

Let's Measure

Here are some basic rules to follow to get you headed in the right direction. It may sound complicated, but I promise you that it isn't!

Fireplace and sofa

When putting art above the fireplace remember it should be the same width as the fireplace opening. You don't need any other measurements except to determine how tall you want the work to be.

For over the sofa the art work should be centered over it and 6" - 12" inches above the highest point of the sofa. You would do the exact same thing for over your bed.

Multiple art works

When using multiple pieces make sure to leave room between them to make it visually pleasing to the eye. If your sofa measures60" and your size range is 34" to 45" don't simply divide by the number of pieces you want to use. You want to have at least 4" between each piece you are using.