What does it mean to have a commission piece created?

By definition commission art means to hire an artist to create a piece from your description, wants, needs and purpose. The goal is to bring your vision to life and show why you love a particular place. Art may be commissioned by a private individual, the government, a business, or on the behalf of someone else. A commission is personal and picking the artist is also personal. While you may be paying for the creation; you should also like and enjoy working with the artist. Just because you like the work they create doesn't mean you will enjoy working with them. Having a commissioned piece of art should come with a commission agreement that outlines the project you requested and time lines.

Why commission a piece of art work?

Art may be commissioned for many different reasons. Some want something that is created exclusively for them. It is a one of a kind and makes them feel special and even elite. I feel the biggest reason is a bit more personal.

I think the biggest reason is to remember. What I mean is it allows a person to go back to a specific time or place. It could be to commemorate a special occasion such as an anniversary, birthday or honoring a loved one. While others may want to have a piece of art that expresses their personality or what they stand for. Bottom line is that a custom piece of art has special meaning whether it is a status symbol, heritage or serving as reminder of a special time or place. Commissions help document your memories creating a legacy and a trial for future generations to follow.

What's the process like?

Step 1 - Contact us

Set up a free consultation to see if we click and are able to capture your vision.

Step 2 - Pre-planning

This includes conversation between you and I and scouting the are to by photographed that will be capture the meaning behind the


Step 3 - This is when the magic happens. We go out and photography the area that will bring your vision to life.

Step 4 - Time to select you favorite image that brings the memories of the area.

Step 5 - Designing and ordering your custom piece of art

Step 6 - The big reveal and delivery of your commission piece of art

Down payments are required before the start of any commission work.

If you would like more details head over to the website to get complete detail!

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