My Top 5 Places for Couples

Valentines day is quickly approaching and now is the perfect time to plan where you want to go. Going out to eat to a nice restaurant is great, but it is also a bit on the expected side. If you are a lover of the outdoors and hiking I have my top 4 most beautiful places to go for couples. Here is the short list, but keep reading for more details!

  1. Wiseman's Overlook
  2. Pretty Place
  3. Beaufort Pier
  4. Crabtree Falls
  5. Price Lake

Wiseman Overlook

Captivating Views

This isn't your ordinary overlook. Wiseman Overlook gives an incredible view into Linville Gorge and supplies you with background music from Linville Falls and River. You have panoramic views from the top upon your first arrival. There are two smaller overlook points that are perfect for a couple to have a special moment. I have seen engagement photos taken here and even a beautiful small wedding! For the more adventurous there is a short trail to a rock out cropping that provides a little more privacy.

Pretty Place

Sentimental Views

If you are looking for a place a bit more symbolic and with an incredible view this is it. Pretty place is an outdoor chapel that is open to the public and can be rented for special occasions. You can't beat the sunrise view; it will absolutely take your breath away. This is truly God's Country!!

Beaufort Pier

Sunset View

There is nothing like walking on the beach at sunset! You have the fresh sea air and the sounds of the waves crashing that creates the perfect environment for a couple. Throw out a blanket out across the sand and sit a spell with that special someone at your side.

Crabtree Falls

Sound of Music

If you are a couple that loves a nice hike with a major reward this is the place to go! With a slightly moderate hike you get a 60 foot waterfall at the half way point as a reward. There is a bridge in front of the falls with a bench making it perfect to sit a spell and enjoy the sounds of the water flowing over the rocks. If you dare walk a bit closer to the falls to give the perfect back drop for a proposal!

Price Lake

Calm waters

At price lake you can simply take in the view along the roadside or from one of the short paths that take you down to the water. For the more adventurous you can rent a kayak or canoe and take off across the lake becoming part of the incredible view!!