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7 Tips to Rock Your Next Photo Session
  • Michelle Harris

7 Tips to Rock Your Next Photo Session

Do you hat having you photo taken? If you do, you're not alone. Women especially hate having a camera pointed in their direction. Today is your lucky day! I have 7 tips to rock your next photo session.

Tired of not liking how you look in your photos? There some simple things you can do before your session that will make big impact in the photos you have taken.

"Beauty is power; a smile is it's sword." John Ray

For some reason having your photo taken is a scary thing. I know way too many women that literally will run in the opposite direction any time a camera is pulled out. I want to put an end to that today! I want you to know that everyone can look beautiful in photos. I know what your thinking. "Not me, I never look good in any photos." Or the camera makes me look bigger or pale, etc., fill in the blank with all of the reason why you don't like to have your picture taken. With a bit of planing on your part and the right type of discussion with your photographer you can look at your picture and honestly say I am beautiful! #everyoneisbeautiful #photography #portraitphotography

7 tip and tricks to make you look better in Photos

1. First have a talk with your photographer

Have a honest conversation about the photos of yourself you like and don't like and why you feel that way. This will give your photographer great insight into what concerns you. This will allow them to plan to shoot a certain way and with angles that will be the most flattering for you.

Let the photographer know if you have a better side. There are those out there that no matter what angle a photo is taken they always look great. Then there are the rest of us that feel we have a best side and prefer that photos be taken a certain way for us to like them. I am among this group.

2. What you are wearing

You want to wear clothes that flatter your body type. Don't wear baggy clothes that don't fit properly because you think it hides a part of your body you are not so happy with. This also means don't wear clothes that are too tight trying to appear smaller than you are. Wear clothes that fit properly and flatters you! You should be comfortable in your clothes and feel confident.

Select colors that flatter and accentuate your skin tone. The colors you select should not blend in with your skin tone nor make you appear washed out. Avoid busy patterns such as stripes or checkered - these can distract from your photo. Remember you are the star of the photo not your clothing. Make sure your clothes aren't wrinkled. The wrinkles will show up in the photo.

Pick out your clothes a few days before the photo shoot. Try them on and make sure they will be comfortable to move around in during your session. If you aren't comfortable you will not appear relaxed in your photos. Have a back up outfit. This will prevent panic should you spill something on yourself or you are feeling bloated and want something a bit different.

Ladies, don't be afraid to wear those heels! Wearing heels helps improve your posture, elongates your legs and believe it or not it signals your brain to appear more confident. Also, have a pair of flats to wear between locations or outfit changes.

Add a piece of jewelry to accessorize your outfit. A simple necklace, earrings or bracelet can add just a touch to complete the outfit and give it a little "pop".

3. Grooming

I know this may seem obvious, but you would be surprised. If you have a morning session get up in time to let your body adjust. This will help those morning puffy eyes relax before you start applying your makeup.

Make sure you have brushed your hair. Bring a brush and hairspray with you to touch up your hair between wardrobe changes or if you are shooting outside and it is a bit windy.

Don't be afraid to wear a little makeup. Keep it natural and don't go overboard. Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. You don't want to see a makeup line in one shade at your jawline and a totally different one on your neck. Keep your eyeshadow and blush simple and light. If you get a bit crazy with either of these they will distract from your natural features. Do use a lip gloss or lipstick to help make your lips stand out and not be washed out in the photos. One thing to keep in mind here. If you have oily skin or your makeup is shinny the camera flash will bounce off of you skin instead of lighting it up.

"Beauty is the illumination of your soul" John O'Donohue

4. Watch your posture

Never slouch! Slouching make you look insecure and frumpy. If you stand up straight you will look confident and happy. As crazy as it may sound stand on your tiptoes if you are wanting to elongate your yourself. (Careful... Don't tip over)

5. Use props

Holding something such as a flower or cup helps you relax and adds a touch of personality to a picture.

6. Get inspired

Don't be afraid to let your photographer know what you like. Sure your photographer will have some great ideas for you, but nobody knows you better than you. You know what makes you look good and feel good. If you have a curated a Pinterest board share it with your photography and have a conversation about what will work for your session.

7. Relax!

Seriously, one of the best ways to have great natural looking photos is to relax and be calm, cool, and collected. If you are up tight your body will reflect that in the photos. So, to get the best photos relax and and fun!

Call your photographer today and get on their schedule! If you don't have a photographer give me a call and let's chat and see if we're a good fit.

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