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4 Reasons Photography is Important to Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Bloggers
  • Michelle Harris

4 Reasons Photography is Important to Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Bloggers

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Been told you need to hire a photographer to take all of your photos for your online needs? What you really want to know is why. Why do you need professional images and is it really worth the cost? Here are 4 reasons why photography is so important.

People turning to the internet, social media, blogs and YouTube isn't going anywhere. In fact their use is growing more and more everyday. Staying relevant is getting harder than ever before and the imagery is becoming a larger part.

“We don't have a choice whether we do social media, the question is how do we do it.” Erik Qualman

I know you are probably thinking, "Is photography really necessary for my business?" The answer is a resounding yes! My question to you is, "Why aren't you including the use of photography is more important now than ever before.

Over the next few weeks I am going to talk about the use of photography for businesses and entrepreneurs. I am going to explain why photography is so important and how to pick the right photographer for you. Today, I want to focus on the why...Why is photography such an integral part of marketing for any business, entrepreneur or blogger.

Why photography

I know photography is obvious for marketing when you talk about general advertising. You have to hire a photographer every time the need arises and that is a part of marketing that you expect. But, have you thought about social media, your blog or your website? I know you're probably thinking I am not active on social media consistently, I only post a few products or inspirational quotes, or I don't have a blog and if I did, I wouldn't need photos. Let me just say that if you aren't active on social media, clogging or both you are missing out on a large opportunity to meet your next client. Of course, that is a topic all on it's own for a later discussion. If you are active online in any capacity, imagery is super important. Check out the 4 reasons why photography is so important to any business, entrepreneur, blogger, and especially etsy seller. #brandphotography #brandedimages #storytellingimages

4 reasons why photography is important

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients a promise of quality, consistency, competency and reliability.” Jason Hartman

Shows who is behind the business/brand

People want to know who they are buying from. Putting a face to the brand makes you easier to trust. Customers buy from people they trust, not a brand. Unless you happen to be a brand like Apple that can stand on its own you need to put a face to your brand. Hold that thought. Apple had Steve Jobs that was associated with the brand. That just goes to show even Apple has a face people associate with them.

When people feel like they are able to connect to you in some way they are more likely to want to work with you. Let’s be honest, we all want to know we are understood and are able to relate to those we work with and are around. It is so uncomfortable to work with a stranger. It would be worse if that person doesn’t understand you.

Show your audience what it would be like to work with you and what the benefits for them would be. You know the phrase, a picture is worth a 1,000 words right? No truer words have been spoken. When people are shopping around they need to know what it is like to work with you. What makes you so special?

Elevates your brand

Using the right style of images helps make the connection to your copy and your message. The images make your brand seem human and lets them know there is a real person behind it all.

Images that are on brand will showcase the quality of your great work. Sure you can use your phone, but the images need to be high quality to reflect the high standards of your work.

Professional photos elevate your brand and aid in attracting more of the right clients. People shop with their eyes and if your images aren’t appealing they will keep on scanning until they see an image they like and connect with.

Photography Visuals help tell your brand's story

Everyone relates to stories...visual storytelling has been used since the beginning of time to share information, so why stop now? After all everyone loves a great story!

Quality images are timeless. Think about old adds you have seen. What makes them stand out? Why is it easy for you to remember them years and years later? It will always come down to the image you saw or the video you watched.

Show the value of your business that resonates with your audience. Here we are again with making connections with on brand images. Your look should be consistent across all platforms making it easier for you to stand out and your potential clients to notice you. You are in business to serve others, not yourself… so, show them the value that fits their needs and solves their problems.

Photography allows you to share your brand’s values. Everyone stands for something that is important to them and is the core of who they are. If you are a business that gives back to the community don’t just tell them you are doing it show them how you are doing it. The images will stick with your audience much longer than any words you can say or type. Plus, the images are proof you are doing exactly what you say you are doing. (as long as they are authentic and not staged)

Here are a few basic statics from Fastcompany.com

1.Content with visuals get 94% more total views. I don’t know about you, but that is one statistic I like. Simply by adding a photo to a post, blog or tweet your audience is more likely to stop and read what you have to say.

2. 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. You want images that make your audience stop their scroll and want to know more.

3. 65% of people are visual learners. I am certainly in that category. For me words are great, but show me what you are trying to say and I will connect with you much faster.

Visual content drives engagement. Why is that? The simple answer is 40% of people respond better to visual information that plain text. You want images that will make your audience stop and read and then tag others or share your message. When you can get your audience to engage with your posts or link back to your post or website the search engines see this and move you to the top. Facebook and Instagram are constantly changing their algorhims and engagement is always at the top of what they are looking for in making your post seem important to others. Let’s not forget there is the potential for your post to go viral if you are using strong images. If your post goes viral that is free advertising and reduces the need to buy attention.

Improves the know, like trust factor

Visual presentation and good design increases credibility. Strong visuals show you take your business seriously and value quality. Don’t believe me? Create a test post using low quality visuals and the same copy you would normally post and Then create another post with a high quality image and see what happens. If I were a gambling woman I would bet the post with the high quality image out performs the post with the low quality image.

According to the Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab 46.1% of the 2,440 participates polled said that a web site’s design and look was the number one criterion for discerning the credibility of the material presented. In fact you only have 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression (Taylor and Francis online). Can I just say WOW! Since the brain processes visuals so much quicker this makes the need for strong visuals so much more important. Of course it doesn’t help that the attention span of your audience is getting shorter and everyone gets interrupted while researching.

Customers buy what they see. Customers shop by sight, not price. The first thought is always do I like what I see, not how much is it going to cost me. Impulse purchases are decided by emotion and are reactive purchases. Sure they may feel guilty for paying a higher price, but you caught them with emotions showing them what it was like to have that product or use a certain service. It all comes down to connecting with your audience in such a way they want to work with or buy your products and services.

Get Inspired

In the end, the images you use are one of the most powerful assets you have. Now, the question is what type of images should you be sharing that tell your story and shares your message? Once you have made the decision to up level your image game you need to think about the type and style of images that best represent you. If you aren't sure what they are finding a photographer that understands personal brand photography is extremely important. It isn't enough to find a photographer that is able to take quality images, but one that can relate to you and help you capture your story.

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