Why capturing moments are important

Our lives are made up of memories both good and bad. These events are what help shape and form our lives and ultimately who we become. It important how we choose to remember these moments, especially the good ones.

Throughout my life I have always had a camera of some type. When I was young I would photograph anything and everything around me. I think I have photos of every liter of kittens our cats every had. I have photos from family trips and vacations. So, when I started my own family, taking pictures didn't stop. In fact, photography became more important to me and I realized that my journey became more important and more valuable. I took pictures of moments in our family's lives. Everyday moments, special moments and vacation moments became a chronicle of our lives through my lens.

When my kids were young cell phones were not a "thing" yet. I didn't have the convivence of a camera that is available today. I had to make it a point to have a camera with me. When my kids started playing sports I was at every game with camera in hand. This was when my business was born.

While I was taking pictures of my kiddos capturing the outs, the big hits, amazing pitches, or baskets made, others would ask if I would get one for them. After a while there were so many asking for pictures I had to start charging. There was so much time being used taking photos and printing them and that is when I decided to make a go of having a photography business.

Through the years I have done many genres. I got my start photographing my kids in sports and then other's kids, but that wasn't the end. I moved to family portraits, lifestyle portraits, events, product and even branding photography. All the while I have done nature and landscape photography. I did that for the enjoyment, not because someone was paying me. Then, one day, someone asked if I had thought about selling the landscape images I was taking, which hadn't crossed my mind. I knew this was an area I enjoyed which brought me great satisfaction, but I also had things I needed to learn to improve and perfect my skills. I took courses and classes to learn and practice the things that needed improvement.

Now, my life long enjoyment of the outdoors is my business. I still take portraits for folks from time to time and when I do they are always outside. I photograph places that not only bring me great joy, but give others joy as well. I get to share my delight and hear from my clients about what these places mean to them. One of the best parts is getting to create custom creations for clients. Commission work is just so special! These are the times I am creating strictly for the purpose of capturing moments for someone else. These commission pieces are capturing a family legacy to share with generations to come.

If you are in the market for new pieces of artwork for your home, consider adding new landscape works of art! If you don't see what you need contact me to talk about creating a commission piece for you!.